Our Leadership Team


Peter H. Jennings

President and CEO
As President and CEO of HRC Total Solutions, Mr. Jennings brings to the executive team over 24 years experience in business, marketing, corporate law, employee benefits/insurance design/administration, and retirement planning. He is recognized as an expert industry leader and innovator in designing Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans with the ability to deliver to employees a clear understanding of their benefits. 

On a local level, Mr. Jennings has participated as a panel member and speaker for the Granite State HR Association on several occasions as well as several private and public speaking engagements regarding benefit design and the future of healthcare. 
On a national basis he sits on the Presidents’ Business Advisory Council and conducts national training seminars for various Associations. Known for his innovation, client and business partners turn to him for leadership and direction. 

His educational background includes ERISA law, Human Resources, Theology, Life Underwriters Training Counsel, Securities, and Business Management.


Susan Colcord

Chief Operating Officer
As COO of HRC Total Solutions, Mrs. Colcord brings over 25 years of experience in both the healthcare and accounting fields.  Her unique background offers HRC Total Solutions a leader with a diverse perspective on business and the benefits administration market place.  Through the 9 years Susan has been with HRC Total Solutions she has been a dedicated and intricate part of our growth due to her operational expertise and effectiveness in the use of resources and technology. 


Laurie Lemay

Chief Relations Officer
As Chief Relations Office Mrs. Lemay is responsible for keeping our clients best interest in the forefront of our decision making process.  Laurie is a strong customer advocate and utilizes her management, communication, and organizational skills to ensure we focus on the challenges and needs facing our clients. 

Laurie has been a part of the leadership team of HRC Total Solutions for over 8 years.  She has assisted in several strategic initiatives including the development of our successful client relations team of Account Executives and Client Managers to service our clients with their everyday needs.  Laurie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Keene State University.


Adam Dupuis

Chief Marketing Officer
Over the past 5 years Mr. Dupuis has led the sales and marketing efforts for HRC Total Solutions.  Through this time he has grown our broker relationships, established new strategic partnerships, and educated clients to understand the value of consumer driven healthcare (CDH). Adam has played a crucial role in increasing the revenue of HRCTS along with expanding our footprint in the benefits market space. Adam’s experience working in the family restaurant business from a young age helped him to develop a contagious work ethic, positive attitude and uncompromising commitment to delivering exceptional service.  Adam has built upon those communications and leadership skills to go along with his deep industry knowledge in order to bring to market the HRCTS line of services and solutions.


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