About Us

Our Concept

HRC Total Solutions, LLC was founded in 2001 with the sole purpose of becoming a company’s “Single Source Solution” to Third Party Administration, HR, Payroll, and Benefit Consulting/Design. Our success as a regional player has driven HRCTS nationally as a recognized leader in the services we provide. Our goal is to simplify administration through technology, while offering the most cost effective solution without compromising customer service.

The outsourcing of certain key functions of a company’s benefit administration, HR, payroll, or employee management has been a growing trend that employers are gravitating to. It enables a company to focus on their
core business while achieving these benefits:

  1. Maintain or reduce expenses
  2. Stay current with compliance requirements
  3. Streamline and become more effective in managing overhead expenses
  4. Allow companies to focus on their core business elements

Our Commitment

HRC Total Solutions is a very unique Third Party Administrator(TPA) offering a full service approach with a single point of contact. Through our service platform we go beyond traditional TPA services into a comprehensive range of HR, Payroll, and Health Incentive solutions. We will provide you with relevant documents, guidance and education, through the use of advanced technology offering cutting edge functionality, excellence in customer service, and a cost conservative approach. HRCTS is comprised of multiple layers of services, that when combined, the depth of our capabilities provides a “single source solution” to manage all of a company’s benefit administration, HR, and Payroll needs making HRCTS your partner of choice!

Our Approach - The Managed Employee Organization

HRC Total Solutions has the answer. Introducing our own unique concept called the Managed Employee Organization (MEO). Our MEO model allows an employer to outsource all or some of their HR/employee management needs while keeping employees part of their company. We handle all HR services, HR help desk, payroll, benefit administration, COBRA, and various management services while the employer maintains ownership of employees

          Benefits of the MEO Model:

  1. Outsourced HR/Help Desk
  2. Reduced Payroll Cost
  3. Benefit Administration by one TPA
  4. Single Point of Contact
  5. Fraction of the Cost of PEO
  6. Tax Advantages
  7. Easy to Setup, Transition, or Terminate Relationship
  8. Free-up Working Capital
  9. Insurance Benefits
  10. Ease of Use
  11. Smart Business Decision
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