Security & Compliance

Security Overview

HRC Total Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to the security of our client’s data. We are committed to putting technology as well as organizational practices into place that help safeguard all of our client’s data, in particular anything related to personal information (PI) or protected health information (PHI). HRCTS works at protecting our client’s information through the implementation of robust security policies, staff training on the proper use and disposal of PI and PHI, and making use of the latest technologies to secure our sensitive electronic information throughout our processes.

Internal System Security

Company servers are secured through the use of industry standards in password encryption and secured data harnessing Microsoft Active Directory for secure policies to audit shared files, system logons, and remote access. All outside connections to internal systems are secured through a 128 bit SSL secured tunnel. Company data is backed up on a nightly basis by doing a weekly full backup followed by nightly incremental backups to a secure off site location. Mobile devices including phones, laptops, and removable media are not permitted to be offsite with handling sensitive information unless it has been encrypted in accordance with our acceptable encryption policy.

Email Encryption

To meet all state and federal regulations regarding the protection of sensitive information all electronic data is email communications sent by HRC Total Solutions containing PHI (Protected Health Information) or PI (Personal Information) will be sent through a secure email system. We have partnered with Zixcorp for this encryption service. Our secure email service makes it easy for you to both receive and read all of our encrypted communications. The privacy of business communication and the sensitivity of your participant’s information is very important to us!

Secure Email User Awareness:

Composing a Secure Email
Login directly to HRC Total Solutions secure message center to compose a secure email by clicking here.

Retrieving a Secure Email
When you receive an encrypted email from a HRCTS employee, click the embedded “Open” link in the email to retrieve your message.

  • For new users arriving at the HRC Total Solutions Secure Message Center for the first time, create a secure email account by clicking on “Register.”  This will bring you to a page where you can enter your email address and password to register your account.  Once the account is created you will receive an email to validate the new account and login.
  • Trouble Logging in? Please contact our customer service team for more assistance.

For more information about how Zixcorp encrypted email works and HRCTS policies regarding encryption for secure email please contact our Sales team.

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