Enrollment Technology

Online enrollment

HRCTS can offer our clients and their participants a Simple Enrollment Process! Online enrollment is easy with step-by-step instructions to complete your open enrollment for employees.  Complete from educational materials to helping your employees understand the process up through assistance with executing the steps for online enrollment.

Data Integration

HRC Total Solutions has invested heavily in technology where data is transferred,processes are completed successfully, and issues are automatically flagged for immediate action by our claims and enrollment teams. We have the staff and processes in place to handle any data file formatting specifications. We have integrated successfully with numerous health plans, payroll vendors and online enrollment providers for claims and eligibility processing. Our system-to-system integration between your Health Plan or payroll vendor allows HRCTS to accept eligibility files including updated demographic, enrollment and contribution information which is submitted to a secure FTP location.  The HRCTS integration service continuously scans for and processes new files as they’re received.

Vendor Relationships

HRC Total Solutions has partnerships in place with many of the leading online enrollment, payroll, and data integration providers.  In many cases we have already worked with payroll company and if not we can typically create a carrier feed with those important 3rd party vendors in a matter of days.  Our systems are built on a flexible platform that allows us to work with a wide variety of formats and file types from HIPAA 834 files to an Excel report.

File Feed Capabilities

HRCTS has developed significant knowledge and experience with integrating payroll, contribution, eligibility and claims feeds from a varitety of vendors and carriers throughout New England.  Our IT staff has combined efforts with leading technology providers and systems in the healthcare and data integration space to build the systems necessary to support over 2000 accounts and hunders of thousands of participants.  We can automate the processing of your payroll information, banking information, claim information, or demographic information regardless of the system or format.


Customized reports are available containing banking, employer, plan management, consumer, and debit card information. Many of these custom reports can be provided at no additional charge.  If complex reporting is needed your account executive can work with our IT staff to develop a custom report that can be scheduled and posted to your employer portal account in many cases.  

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