One Card

With the HRC Total Solutions Card, you can offer your clients

A totally seamless, hassle-free and paper-free processing of HSA, HRA and FSA claims and reimbursements.

With our integrated payment network through the HRC Total Access Card, we can offer you a solution that provides you with a simple and easy to use claim and payment system. Combining this system with the Total Access Card, you can enjoy a seamless, hassle-free and paper-free process to submit your HSA, HRA and FSA claims. Claims are submitted and substantiated automatically, payments are made directly to providers, and consumers pay no out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service.

Using a prepaid benefits card improves cash flow and increases convenience for participants. Without cards, using tax favored benefit accounts like healthcare FSAs can be cumbersome. Participants have to pay for eligible expenses out of pocket, submit claim forms and receipts, and wait for reimbursement. In essence, they “pay twice and wait.” But prepaid benefits cards have changed all that! The HRC Total Solutions Card is a special-purpose Visa® card for use with FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and QTAs.

Participants simply swipe the Card and the funds are automatically deducted from the applicable benefit account(s) for payment. This convenience and improved cash flow leads to increased enrollment, contributions and FICA savings for employers. The Information Approval Systems (IIAS) make using a card from HRCTS easier than ever in pharmacies, discount stores, department stores and supermarkets. To assure compliance with IRS regulations, HRCTS offers the maximum electronic substantiation capabilities to reduce the amount of paper. We complement the IIAS capability by providing an additional level of substantiation to ensure that the eligible expense is within the approved plan design.

 one card

  • One Card Access to all Accounts               
  • Expenses Allocated to Correct Account
  • Spouse/Dependent Card
  • IRS Compliant
  • Efficient management of the payment transactions
  • Robust auto-substantiation technology and data integration
  • Maximum IRS-approved auto-substantiation options,
  • Access to all certified Inventory Information Approval Systems (IIAS) merchants
  • Employee-level copayment matching
  • Recurring expense logic
  • Multi-account stackable card


85-95% of all transactions do not require receipts


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