HSA and Retirement Savings

Our friends at the Healhcare Trends Institute have provided some great insight into the value of HSA plans towards retirement planning.  If you are considering an HSA plan for your clients or your business [...]

Why Employers Should Stack HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs

HRC Total Solutions can offer our partner s and their clients a solution for nearly any plan stacking need that exists.  Please take a moment to review the information below from Healthcare Trends Institute to [...]

Updated HSA Investment Options

Investing your HSA funds will help you build tax-free earnings. And HRC Total Solutions can offer some of the highest quality self-directed HSA investment options in the industry. Choose from a wide range of [...]

Vanguard Index Funds Now Available to HSA Account Holders

HRC Total Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Vanguard Index fund options to our HSA mutual fund offerings.  Healthcare Bank (HSA custodian) decided to add Vanguard Index Funds to the list of [...]

HSA Investment Sweeps

HSA Investment Sweep Setup on the Participant Portal As a reminder to our clients and participants, HRC Total Solutions would like to provide the steps needed to allow participant-defined sweeps. [...]

Participant Portal Enhancements - September 7, 2013

We are excited to announce an important change for our participants! The HRCTS Participant Portal has undergone significant enhancements to the design, layout, and overall functionality.  These enhancements [...]

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