A Message Regarding COVID-19

Dear HRCTS Staff, Clients, and Business Partners:

HRCTS’ Ownership/Leadership team has been monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.  The health, safety, and well-being of our staff and community remains our top priority.  We are monitoring the State of NH and surrounding States’ Department of Public Health and are following guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

We want to assure staff, clients, and business partners that HRCTS has contingencies in place for business continuity and enhancement planning to our current plan is well underway. Based on developments across the country and internationally, we are implementing new policies regarding travel, all designed to protect our staff and clients. All decisions are subject to change as the situation develops, so we will continue to monitor and update our policies accordingly.  

We want to stress being informed and educated to this virus is very important, but as important is the need for everyone to not overreact. The current spread of COVID-19 is minimal in the US, but it is here to stay for some time. We encourage everyone to continue living their lives as normal and just be vigilant in their personal hygiene and awareness.

For the latest general updates on the Coronavirus, please visit the Centers of Disease Control website.

Travel and Client Meetings

All HRCTS’ staff are asked to suspend the booking of any domestic or international travel utilizing public transportation (e.g., airlines, buses, trains) for client/enrollment presentations.

Further, HRCTS is directing our staff to reach out to our clients that have a scheduled client or enrollment meeting to confirm the meeting, how the client is conforming to the recommended State guidance, mandates, and precautions. In the event the meeting is still confirmed, we will determine if a remote presentation can be done instead of onsite. If an onsite meeting is necessary, HRCTS is only authorizing travel to meetings with 25 employees or less, travel via personal vehicle, and only to clients that are complying with published guidelines and best practices for addressing workplace wellness and sanitary precautions.  If HRCTS feels a client site or size of meeting is not potentially safe, we will ask our staff to not attend.

We are also asking all HRCTS staff to notify us of any personal travel planned for the next 30 days. This notification process allows us to create a record of where people have been and will help inform public health outbreak tracking efforts should an infection occur in our community. We strongly encourage staff to cancel personal trips to any high-risk countries or regions if not necessary to travel to. For a list of these countries please refer to CDC.gov.

Guest and Visitors

We are asking that scheduled visitors and guests to confirm they have not been to a country or region that has been listed as a high-risk area by the CDC or have been in contact with an infected COVID-19 person within the past 14 days prior to visiting our office.

Physical space

HRCTS has and will continue to provide anti-bacterial products, enhanced hygiene, and cleaning supplies to be used within each department, floor, and building. We have instructed and educate our staff on proper flu precautions and hygiene protocol. We are also asking staff to wipe down their area and any technology surface before each use. Our company utilizes an outside company for cleaning our entire building. HRCTS will be reviewing their enhanced protocol and process to ensure our building is as clean as can be.  

Sick leave and Business Continuation

All HRCTS’ staff should practice CDC recommended hygiene and self-care practices.  Staff should not come to work when they are sick (especially if they are coughing, sneezing, or have a fever), or if they are caring for someone who is sick. If a staff member comes to work sick or becomes sick while at work, they will be asked to go home and stay home for a minimum of 24 hours and/or until they are healthy enough to return. Staff who are present at work will be presumed healthy.

HRCTS is reviewing our policies and capabilities to further enhance our current ability to have certain functions/essential business functions performed remotely if need be to continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients with minimal disruption.

HRCTS is evaluating our current remote capabilities to address a long-term solution if needed and HRCTS will be increasing the number of staff who are crossed trained in order to deliver minimal disruption to our current day to day operations.


HRCTS’ Ownership/Leadership team will continue to monitor and adjust our continuation/preparedness, and business response. Further communication as needed will be sent. We are currently working on a plan that primarily enhances our current contingencies for avoiding the suspension of business operations, to address suspension periods of up to two weeks, if necessary, with some strategies for addressing longer evacuation periods. HRCTS is confident in our ability and plan to effectively deliver the services we offer with little or no interruption.

We appreciate our staff and their adherence to our precautions/plans, the trust our clients have placed in HRCTS, and our business partners support of all the necessary precautions and business challenges COVID-19 is causing in the workforce. HRCTS is dedicated to addressing this complex situation as it evolves, and we are confident we can successfully address it.

To our staff thank you for doing your part and following our plans, and to our clients and business partners thank you for your business and trust you have placed in HRCTS.


Peter H. Jennings


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