10 Questions about Transitioning Payroll

If you are reading this you have been through at least one payroll transition in your career or perhaps considering one in the not too distant future.  How many times have you thought about making a change to cut costs or improve your system or both and decided not to due to your previous experience or the experiences of others? Regardless of the company size and the capabilities of the payroll provider and the skill sets of your HR and Payroll staff, a payroll transition has historically been a challenging proposition.  Here are a few of the questions that may keep you from taking the next step but they don’t have to!

#1. When is the best time for our company to transition payroll?

Today! Okay maybe that is a little too fast, but the reality is with HRC Total Solutions, you can transition from your old payroll provider to HRCTS within 30 days. In today’s high tech, cloud based, integrated world we would expect to have seamless transitions at the push of the button, but the reality is, even the most flexible systems require planning.  However, rest assured that with the help and assistance of HRC Total Solutions transitioning your payroll can be stress free! The best time to begin the transition is up to you!

#2. How will HRCTS convert all the current data to the new system?

Unlike some payroll vendors HRCTS, assigns a dedicated account manager to work with you through your payroll transition. This person can assist you with pulling necessary reports and gathering pertinent information from your old provider. Then account manager enters all the information into your new cloud based payroll system. HRCTS sets up the platform and do all the work, so that when you are ready to go ‘live’ all you need to do is log in, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll!

#3. Can our company check accuracy prior to the first payroll run?

Of course! We pride ourselves on accuracy. Prior to running your very first payroll with HRCTS we run a “mock” payroll simultaneously with the last payroll you want to run with your current vendor. We then allow you to pull the necessary reports to compare and ensure all of the information matches and can customize these reports to your exact specifications.

#4. What types of resources are available to us during implementation and after?

Your #1 resource will be your dedicated account manager! This account manager, who specializes in payroll, will be your point of contact throughout the implementation process and beyond. Your account manager assists with the transition, training, and all questions from the moment you become an HRCTS client!

#5. How long does a transition take?

This is a tricky question. Our goal is to have the transition take 30 days. This is why we assign an account manager to help you gather all the reports needed to transition you as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This allows us time to enter all the historical data, and all the employee and company information. However, sometimes this time frame can be lengthened depending on how quickly you can get the necessary reports to us.

#6. What type of integration capabilities exist?

HRCTS has the capability to integrate with many accounting software platforms with the exception of the online version of QuickBooks. We will take the time during implementation to better understand what your team uses so we can integrate our technology with yours to provide a streamlined and efficient transfer of data.

#7. What additional capabilities and functionality does the system have?

The better question may be “what doesn’t our cloud based system have?” Our system is capable of not only payroll, but Benefits and Insurance Management, Carrier Connections, Worker’s Compensation Management, Time and Labor, Electronic Open Enrollment, Applicant Tracking, and so much more. For a complete list of what our cloud based system can do please visit our website, www.hrcts.com/payroll.

#8. What kind of customer service support do we have?

You’ll receive exceptional customer service from the HRCTS team; in fact, we take great pride in the high level customer service that we provide to our clients! This is why we assign one person to your account for you to reach out to with any questions or concerns you may have. You are not just a number to us. We learn about your needs and we make sure we are providing you with what YOU want, not what we think you need. Behind your Account Manager is a dedicated HR and Payroll team which works together to ensure you get the attention you need.

#9. How do I get the specific reports needed to transition payroll?

You have a couple of options. Each payroll vendor may name the reports differently, so to assist you with this process your dedicated account manager can either send you the templates of the reports we need for you to populate, or you can create a login for your account manager to be able to go into the system and pull the reports for you. We realize your time is important, and changing payroll vendors may seem time consuming. We want to alleviate that burden by being an extension to your team and getting everything you need to make this a smooth and seamless transition for you and for your employees.

#10. How do I handle the exceptions and “Out of the Ordinaries” in my current system?

All companies have special variations in their payroll, like a special earnings code, or deductions, or an employee who may receive pay different than everyone else. We can walk you through all your exceptions and out of the ordinary needs. This is why having a dedicated account manager is so important. We want to ensure they get to know you and your company, get to know your special payroll needs and cater to that. During the implementation process tell your account manager about all your “out of the ordinary” payroll items and we will ensure it gets built into the system to work just the way you want.

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